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What does our service include and what features does our service have?

We make everything easy and effortless for you.

We will deliver the whole solution including both software and hardware for your business. You do not need to worry about anything else but your own information needs, we will take care of everything else. We will customize the dashboard and reports just by your desires, and deliver and install it completely. We will also brief your personnel in using the platform and service. Thanks to our agile and nimble system architecture, it is highly likely that we are able to utilize your existing equipment (sensors, cameras, beacons etc.) while creating a solution for your business. In case your company already has the measuring equipment, it is really easy and cost-efficient for us to develop a system for you to see automatically created reports and data visualizations.


User interface

Cloud-based system

Our whole platform is cloud-based. Both the user interface and the gathered data can be accessed by the customer through any device, computer and mobile. This makes it possible for you to monitor your data

Easy and fast to use

User interface is very easy and fast to use, and it is easy even for new users to find the information and data they need with a low amount of clicks. The loading speeds are optimized to be fast, so it is effortless for the user to jump from one view to another and change the visible data on the dashboard.


User interface is almost fully tailored for your needs. You can choose, what data and reports you want to see in the starting dashboard, how do you want your data to be visualized, and it is effortless to jump from one view to another.

User-specific views

You can grant different levels of access rights for every user in our system. Employees for different jobs and different departments can be allowed to only see the data that is meant for their job description.


All data visible on mobile

The data is easily visible on the mobile platform, so you can check reports no matter where you are. The information needed is easy and fast to check for example on a train or from a conference room just before a meeting.

Real time alerts to mobile devices

It is easy to create automatic alerts from certain happenings to the wanted people. Here are some examples of the alert system:
• Temperature of an industrial machine is too high, mechanic is alerted to check the machine
• Rush of customers at the checkout, more personnel is alerted automatically
• Unauthorized person in the area, security is alerted


Versatile selection of devices

Thanks to our large number of high-quality suppliers and partners we are able to deliver a diverse selection of different devices for many different occasions. Our device portfolio consists of different video cameras (from regular basic cameras to powerful thermal cameras), tracker beacons for different purposes, temperature measurement, humidity sensor, acceleration sensor and so on.

Utilize your existing devices

Our nimble platform makes it possible to utilize your existing devices and equipment. In case your company has sensor or cameras already installed, it highly likely that we are able to connect them into our system to gain cost-efficiency.

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Simplicity and easiness

As our customer you do not need to worry about the technical side of things, you can count on us with them. We offer you solutions to gather data and visualize it, so you can keep your focus on making fact-based decisions for your business.

Customer oriented approach

We truly want to help our customers to improve their business. We want to help you to identify your information needs and create solutions to fulfill those needs. Satisfaction and success of our customers is the number one priority for us.

Did something catch your attention?

Did you start to wonder, if Fidera could help your organization? Please don't hesitate to contact us, so we can discuss more about your information needs. Discussions and negotiations are completely cost-free.

Even though you wouldn't find anything close to your needs through our references, it does not mean that we could not provide a solution for you. Actually, one of the main reasons for you to choose Fidera is the flexibility of our platform, which makes us able to provide a tailored and customized solution just for you.

So please do not hesitate to contact us, we are very eager and happy to help you! You can contact us through a contact form, phone or e-mail.

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