Fidera Ltd.

Making invisible visible.

About us

Fidera was founded in 2013. Fidera is a Finnish technology company, and we have developed an IoT-analytics service which is used in many different industries.

We make it possible to monitor assets, services and processes combining RFID-, Bluetooth- and video-analytics in an innovative and cost-efficient way. Our service is perfect for anything where there is a need to track or monitor people, assets, things, animals or processes in real-time.

Our services are being used in international fast food chains, biggest construction companies in Finland, large stores, national hotel chains and also in small locations where security services are needed.

Our history

Fidera was founded in 2013. Our original goal and innovation was to develop automatic access control solutions for construction sites using modern radio- and video-analytic tools and other IoT-elements in a smart and cost-efficient way.

Soon we noticed, that unlike the other solutions that were developed for monitoring and surveillance, our system could be customized for other industries and businesses thanks to its modern and open system architecture.

In a study by University of Turku in 2013 and in a study by Accelerando Ltd. in 2016 it was confirmed that there is no similar service available compared to the automatic monitoring and surveillance solutions that Fidera has to offer. Our customers' own findings also confirm the results done by the research.

Strong partner network

Fidera has a strong partner network both in Finland and internationally, giving us decades of experience in information systems, network communications and technological industries. Fidera is owned by its employees, which is visible in our commitment and trust in our own work.

Our services and devices are designed to maintain good condition in harsh and changing environments, such as Finnish weather. We are committed to deliver automatic and intelligent solutions, which will enhance and improve our customers' business.


Easy to use

Finnish quality

Fidera is a completely Finnish technology company. We are known for listening our customers, and we are proud of every solution we create which will help our customers in improving their business.

We have a strong network of companies as our business partners, which makes us able to serve our customers with high quality and low pricing.

Most important features of our services are our reliability, easiness and Finnish top quality.