Solutions for many different industries

We offer a variety of different existing solutions for many different industries. Our solutions can be tailored completely for the needs of your business, and we are very eager to create completely new solutions. However it is likely that we have already created a solution that is made just for your needs, and in that case it can be implemented in a very fast schedule. Please read about our solutions from below, or click the button below to get a listing of all our references.


Solutions for stores

We offer existing solutions for stores and shops, such as optimization of human resources and service processes.
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Solutions for buildings

We offer existing solutions for different sized and different kinds of buildings, such as access control and security solutions.
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Solutions for restraurants

We offer existing solutions for restaurants, such as service time monitoring, measuring of queue times and process monitoring.
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Solutions for industry

We offer variety of solutions for different manufacturing industries, such as anticipatory maintenance and temperature measuring.
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Even though you wouldn't find anything close to your needs through our references, it does not mean that we could not provide a solution for you. Actually, one of the main reasons for you to choose Fidera is the flexibility of our platform, which makes us able to provide a tailored and customized solution just for you.

So please do not hesitate to contact us, we are very eager and happy to help you! You can contact us through a contact form, phone or e-mail.

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