What we do?

What is IoT-analytics and how could it help your company?

Making invisible visible

Our mission is to provide our customers clear and measurable value by making invisible visible. We offer services where we utilize different kinds of video and sensor analytic tools (IoT analytics) to get data about your business processes that would otherwise be hard to get. We provide you a way to accurately measure for example checkout waiting times of customers, resource allocation and effectiveness, temperature and tremor of machinery, people flow for different spaces and many other things. Please do contact us, so we can together find ways to improve your business.

Success with knowledge management

Studies show that companies get more success the more they utilize data in both strategic long-term decision-making and daily ad-hoc decision-making. Our service makes it possible to gather data from otherwise difficult targets and processes and helps you to improve enhance work flow and efficiency of critical business processes. Knowledge management can give your business significant competitive advantage, and we offer you the service and tools to get it.

Fact-based decision making

With our services you can make hard business decisions based on facts and data instead of intuition.

Competitive advantage with knowledge management

With our services you harness data into a competitive advantage for your business.

We offer existing solutions for many different industries.


Solutions for stores

We offer existing solutions for stores and shops, such as optimization of human resources and service processes.
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Solutions for buildings

We offer existing solutions for different sized and different kinds of buildings, such as access control and security solutions.
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Solutions for restraurants

We offer existing solutions for restaurants, such as service time monitoring, measuring of queue times and process monitoring.
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Solutions for industry

We offer variety of solutions for different manufacturing industries, such as anticipatory maintenance and temperature measuring.
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Our service is almost fully customized for your needs. Our versatile and flexible platform makes it possible to tailor a solution just for your needs.

Simplicity and easiness

As our customer you do not need to worry about the technical side of things, you can count on us with them. We offer you solutions to gather data and visualize it, so you can keep your focus on making fact-based decisions for your business.


We offer Finnish top quality which we are proud of. We are proud of every solution we have created to help our customers to improve their business. Fidera is almost completely owned by its operating personnel, and we take pride in our work.

Customer oriented approach

We truly want to help our customers to improve their business. We want to help you to identify your information needs and create solutions to fulfill those needs.

Did something catch your attention?

Did you start to wonder, if Fidera could help your organization? Please don't hesitate to contact us, so we can discuss more about your information needs. Discussions and negotiations are completely cost-free.

Even though you wouldn't find anything close to your needs through our references, it does not mean that we could not provide a solution for you. Actually, one of the main reasons for you to choose Fidera is the flexibility of our platform, which makes us able to provide a tailored and customized solution just for you.

So please do not hesitate to contact us, we are very eager and happy to help you! You can contact us through a contact form, phone or e-mail.

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