Windsurfer tracking with Fidera solutions

Over the weekend, a windsurfing race Tour de Laru XIII was competed, and during the race we tested the suitability and functionality of Yepzon’s tracking devices and Fidera’s system for tracking windsurfing races. By combining Yepzon's Smart trackers with the cloud-based Fidera Flow system, passionate surfers from all over Finland were able to follow the progress of the race in real time and the competitors' rankings and routes, regardless of their location.

The races could be watched from the beach while keeping track of the rankings on the phone screen or from your own home office and the computer screen. The clear interface allows the race follower to zoom in and out on the map base and view the competitors' locations. Competitors 'routes are stored in Fidera's system, which allows competitors to analyze their race afterwards and compare their own route with other competitors' routes.

Competitors will carry a compact Yepzon Smart locator with them during the race, which will send location information to the Fidera Flow cloud service. The application of the system and tracker for the purpose of surfing competitions was successful with a few days of modifying the user interface to optimize Fidera Flow for the tracking of windsurfers. Changes were also made to the firmware of the Yepzon Smart Tracker for the same reason.

As a whole, the tracking of the windsurfing competitors was successful, and the opportunity to follow the progress of the competition live received a lot of praise from the enthusiasts of the sport. Enthusiasts and competitors of the sport were able to analyze the routes of the competitors, e.g. effective cruising. The service therefore has a good chance of analyzing both your own and your competitors' performance.

The adjacent image is a screenshot directly from the Fidera Flow system. On a clear map, you can see the route taken by Jon Törnwall, the winner of the Windsurfer LT class.

The straight lines shown in the picture over Lauttasaari are GPS points when the Yepzon Smart tracker has been in the pre-race status, which means that the device does not take an accurate measurement due to battery savings. The device can be put in “race mode” to make an accurate measurement and draw the competitor’s route accurately.

We will continue to use and test the service in windsurfing competitions in the future, and we will continue to develop the service based on the information and data obtained from these races.

Kuvat: Suomen Windsurferliitto

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