Competitive advantage with knowledge management - measuring and forecasting customer flow

Rota planning takes a lot of valuable time, and shift planning is often based solely on intuition and estimates of how much staff will be needed at any given time. Too much staff is expensive for the company and lowers sales margins, while too little staff causes queues and waiting for customers, and this lowers customer satisfaction. The optimized number of staff is good for both the company and the customers - the company gets to maximize its efficiency and profits, and the customers get the service they need and the service times remain at the desired lenghts.

But how can customer flow be measured reliably and continuously? Measuring customer flows is after all quite simple with the right tools, although it is often considered really challenging and time consuming. 

We have an easy and cost-effective solution to this problem that allows you to monitor customer numbers in real time and allocate human resources automatically. The solution utilizes video cameras as well as Fidera's own software, which identifies people moving in and out and uses this information to measure the number of people in a store or other space. The solution works in both single and multi-entrance buildings, and the system can utilize existing surveillance cameras where possible, resulting in savings in infrastructure costs. The data is stored in the system and it is possible to view the number of customers at the desired time interval, or the desired days and at the desired times. This enables long-term workforce planning, which helps to optimize the number of staff. The solution is also ideal for visitor tracking in public spaces such as libraries and train stations.

With the help of IoT analytics, significant cost savings can be achieved with increased efficiency as well as increased sales due to the number of staff correctly proportioned to the number of customers. In addition, you will gain valuable information on customer numbers that can be used to manage and develop your business.

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