Solutions for restraurants

Asiakasvirtojen mittaus, palveluaikojen mittaus, henkilöstöresurssien optimointi sekä muut ratkaisut

Ravintolan johtaminen ja työvuorosuunnittelu vie paljon esimiehen aikaa. Asiakkaiden määrän kasvaessa ravintolan henkilöstön ja prosessien johtaminen muuttuu koko ajan haastavammaksi. Tämä on kuitenkin tärkeää, jotta ravintola saa optimoitua resurssien tehokkuuden ja sitä kautta maksimoitua voittonsa. Fidera tarjoaakin ravintoloille ratkaisun, joka hyödyntää sekä ravintolaa että sen asiakkaita.

Analytiikkajärjestelmämme hyödyntää sekä videokameroista että sensoreista saatavaa dataa, ja analysoi niiden avulla mm. asiakasvirtoja ja palveluaikoja, jotta palveluprosessi saadaan pidettyä tehokkaana ja asiakastyytyväisyys saadaan maksimoitua. Palvelumme avulla voit monitoroida palveluprosesseja reaaliajassa ja optimoida henkilöstöä sen mukaan, sekä hyödyntää dataa pitkän tähtäimen päätöksenteossa ja johtamisessa, mm. työvuorosuunnittelussa. Palveluaikoja mittaamalla pystyt määrittelemään asiakaspalvelun tehokkuutta, ja varmistamaan että prosessit toimivat hyvin.

In addition to ready-made solutions, our agile cloud-based system enables high-quality customization of the service, so the solutions can be easily customized to meet your needs at an affordable price.

Hyödyt ravintolalle

Predictive maintenance

Our service allows you to measure for example vibration and temperature, and when certain limits are exceeded, the system gives an automatic alarm and the machine can be checked out before the equipment breaks down.

Access control

The system detects unauthorized and authorized people and vehicles in the area, and gives an alarm if an unauthorized person is inside the area. The service can also be used to conveniently measure working hours in different spaces.

Automatic alerts

The system sends automatic alarms to the desired persons directly to the mobile phone if there is a person outside the area or if another event occurs for which an alarm has been set.

Workspace monitoring

With our service, it is possible to monitor work spaces 24/7 for various variables such as room humidity, temperature or machine vibration.

Capacity measurement

You can get accurate data on the occupancy rate and number of people in different rooms, spaces and different departments and use this, for example, in the pricing of advertising space or rental space.


Our systems are easy to integrate into existing information systems, and data from existing systems is easy to integrate and visualize through our cloud-based interface.

User interface

Cloud-based system

Our whole platform is cloud-based. Both the user interface and the gathered data can be accessed by the customer through any device, computer and mobile. This makes it possible for you to monitor your data

Easy and fast to use

User interface is very easy and fast to use, and it is easy even for new users to find the information and data they need with a low amount of clicks. The loading speeds are optimized to be fast, so it is effortless for the user to jump from one view to another and change the visible data on the dashboard.


Real time alerts to mobile devices

It is easy to create automatic alerts from certain happenings to the wanted people. Here are some examples of the alert system:
• Teollisen koneen liian suuri lämpötila, jolloin menee ilmoitus mekaanikon puhelimeen ja laitetta päästään huoltamaan ennen koneen hajoamista
• Luvaton henkilö alueella tai tuotantotilassa, jolloin ilmoitus menee vartijalle

All data visible on mobile

The data is easily visible on the mobile platform, so you can check reports no matter where you are. The information needed is easy and fast to check for example on a train or from a conference room just before a meeting.


User interface is almost fully tailored for your needs. You can choose, what data and reports you want to see in the starting dashboard, how do you want your data to be visualized, and it is effortless to jump from one view to another.

User-specific views

You can grant different levels of access rights for every user in our system. Employees for different jobs and different departments can be allowed to only see the data that is meant for their job description.

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