Solutions for buildings

Automatic access control and security solutions for various buildings

The roots of Fidera's services lie in access control solutions for buildings and areas. With the help of the service, personnel monitoring has been carried out, site reports have been opened automatically and area control has been carried out, protecting both the construction site and the expensive production equipment and other equipment inside the buildings.

Sensor and video analytics (IoT analytics) can be utilized both in small spaces and in huge multi-floored and multi-entrance buildings. With our services, you can for example restrict the access of unauthorized persons and improve security, or for example monitor the movement of people and monitor the usage capacity of different floors, rooms and facilities, and use this data to price rental premises or advertising areas. Thus, information is available in practice for any need, both for security and for knowledge management.

The data provides information on building-related challenges and operations can be organized more efficiently or more customer-friendly than before.

Example solutions for buildings

Access control

The system detects unauthorized and authorized people and vehicles in the area, and gives an alarm if an unauthorized person is inside the area.

Gates for vehicles and people

Automatic gate control allows only relevant persons and vehicles to enter. The system reads the tag of the person or vehicle, and opens the gates only if the person has the required permission.

Automatic alerts

The system sends automatic alarms to the desired persons directly to the mobile phone if there is a person outside the area or if another event occurs for which an alarm has been set.

Workspace monitoring

With our service, it is possible to monitor work spaces by various variables, such as room humidity or temperature monitoring.

Working hours tracking

Our system enables working time tracking based on the time employees spend in different spaces, such as time spent in a work space or break room.

Capacity measurement

You can get accurate data on the occupancy rate and number of people in different rooms, spaces and different departments and use this, for example, in the pricing of advertising space or rental space.


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