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Manual rota planning takes a lot of time and effort from the managers. While the size of the department or unit grows, it gets more and more challenging to plan and manage the store and personnel. Our analytics solution utilizes video and sensor data to make analyzing of customer flow and optimization of resources easier. Optimizing rota planning benefits both the store and the customers.

Forecasting customer flow is one of the harder things that store management deals with. Our solution makes it possible to monitor and track customers in real time and automatically allocate resources based on the customers’ location - if there is a big line on the checkout counter, more personnel are alerted to the checkout, or if there are a lot of customers in a certain area, more personnel are alerted to provide service to that location. Long term data gathering also provides a way to forecast customer flow in order to optimize rota planning.

Utilizing IoT-analytics in store management gives you significant cost savings by better resource optimization and also provides you valuable data of customer behavior - where do your customers spend the most time, where they spend the least time, and how does this affect the sales of different products.

Monitoring customer flow

Real-time monitoring

Monitor your customers' movement in your store in real-time and use the data to optimize resources and avoid long queue times.

Forecast using data

In addition to real-time monitoring it is possible to forecast rush hours and times of long queue times and optimize rota planning.

Case 1: successful rota planning minimizes queue times and maximizes customer satisfaction

In a study done in the US 50% of customers would change store (18%) or online store (32%) because of long queue times at checkout. Long queue times lead to unhappy customers. (Retail Gazette).

The number of personnel in relation to the number of customers in store affects greatly in sales and the store reputation. Having the correct number of personnel and optimizing service processes are one of the most important factors in customer experience in retail business. Even if the customer experience is excellent otherwise, long queue times can make the experience negative.

Our analytics service gives store managers and analysts data that is incredibly valuable. It makes it possible to monitor customer flow in real time, makes queue times shorter and improves customer satisfaction.

Case 2: Optimizing human resources - personnel at the right place at the right time

Manual rota planning is slow and really expensive. Optimizing human resources with data and knowledge management your business will save a lot of money by maximizing effectiveness. In a long term all the small amounts of money you will save will give you massive cost reductions.

Fidera data solutions makes it possible to forecast queue formations and you can predict the hours when there is going to be a rush and optimize the number of personnel. The system can predict the rushes of customers before they appear on the checkouts. Rota planning is easier, when you optimize it based on the massive amounts of data you get from the store.

Our service makes it possible to get automatic, silent alarms and alert personnel to be at the right place at the right time. Work hours of the personnel will be more efficient, when the work is being done at the right place at the right time.

Benefits for your store

Customer satisfaction

Making queue times shorter and making service more effective you gain benefit by having happier customers.

Locating bottlenecks

Monitoring customer flow makes it possible to locate bottlenecks from the processes of the store and make them more effective.

Automatic alerts

In case the cameras or sensors detect something like a rush on the checkout, the system automatically alerts more personnel.

Better customer flow

By optimizing resources and processes you are enabling serving more customers and generate more sales.

Measuring service times

Comparing service times of different departments and checkouts you get valuable data for store management.

Storage and sales time tracking

Utilize storage and sales time data in your knowledge management.


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